Alumni Advisory Council Meeting

Tiffany Gardner, TBCC Treasurer,  and Danielle Duval, TBCC President, attended the Alumni Advisory Council Meeting on October 19th.  The purpose of the meeting is for the Clemson Clubs around the country to gather with the Clemson Alumni Association to discuss the future of our alumni and Clemson University.

The day started off with a very motivational presentation by Milt Lowder, Found & CEO of Synergy Performance, the Sports Psychologist for Clemson Athletics, and of course Clemson alumnus. He encouraged us to make sure our dreams are always greater than our memories in order for us to grow and thrive as a club and as a person.  He also had a good theory that we are at our best when we are FREE, Focused, Relaxed, Engaged, and Enjoying.

From there the day continued with discussions and ideas on how to engage club members and create an experience that everyone can enjoy through watch parties, service activities, giving, and networking.  Another topic of discussion was the scholarship fund and how important it to Clemson University.  Your giving did not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by the local  Tampa Bay students, the Alumni Association, and by Clemson University.

The day ended on the patio overlooking the lake where we all enjoyed trading Clemson stories and getting to know our fellow tigers better.  Go Tigers!

Photo:  Patrick Sapp (Director of Engagement), Caryne Mesquita (Colorado Clemson Club President), Tiffany Gardner (TBCC Treasurer), Bubba Britton (Associate Executive Director of Engagement), and Danielle Duval (TBCC President)